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Considering that the bathroom(s) and/or kitchen of any local Texas home plays an integral part in providing comfort, privacy, and sustenance for all tenants/occupants, it makes sense that many homeowners would seek to revamp or revitalize their home’s current bathroom(s) & kitchen through renovations and remodeling services. Whether it’s updating the current drab flooring to something more appealing and economical, such as an upgrade from linoleum to hardwood, or if the kitchen/bathroom “rehabilitation” is a bit more ambitious that involves completely replacing the cabinetry, lighting & control fixtures, as well as any featured amenities (sinks, toilets, appliances, etc) - the options are quite abounding and only limited to the responsible party/company’s efficacy in affecting renovations, remodeling services, or rejuvenation techniques. Having said that, our company, Whitaker Home Improvements, Inc boasts decades of home improvement experience that we apply to each and every bathroom renovation or kitchen remodeling project we are tasked with administering. Our masterful remodelers take the extra time necessary to ensure that each aspect of your bathroom/kitchen’s renovation is seamless and free of any flaw, marring, or inadequacy.





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Kitchen Remodeling -

Our kitchen remodeling coverage includes a wide array of services and various capacities that our in-house remodeling professionals have spent years honing to provide our fellow Texas residents and homeowners with kitchen remodeling coverage that is peerless in terms of quality, consistency, and affordability. This often includes us replacing the kitchen’s current flooring system (hardwood, tile, laminate, linoleum, stone, vinyl) with something more modern and inviting. Also, our kitchen remodeling crews are skilled in installing new cabinets and cabinetry; whether it’s simply following the current cabinetry systems’ “layout” or completely overhauling its design and features. (This often entails our remodeling experts tearing out old cabinets, adding new foundation, and constructing additional counter space or kitchen islands.)

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Bathroom Remodeling -

While our bathroom remodeling coverage is very similar to what our extensive kitchen remodeling coverage often entails (i.e. - replacing the current/outdated flooring with a flooring system that is a bit more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing; upgrading the bathroom’s cabinetry with cabinets that are more spacious and combine visual appeal with tasteful placement; as well as installing modern fixtures, hardware, and appliances as needed), it is worth noting that we approach each bathroom remodeling project in a very “client-specific” manner to ensure their absolute satisfaction. That, coupled with our decades of remodeling experience and penchant for quality services, all but solidifies our claim as Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas' premier home improvement contractor.



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