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As many local property owners here in Texas will likely attest to, one sure-fire way to resuscitate an otherwise droll or dreary property or add some much-needed living space to accommodate a burgeoning family is to explore the many property additions and room extension services that are commonplace amongst homeowners nowadays. Be it the ambitious *DIYer, retired carpenter showing his offspring the construction “ropes”, or an active general contracting company currently offering home improvement coverage; the options and outlets are largely only limited by budgetary constraints or lack of innovation, ingenuity, or imagination. With that in mind, we’ve made it one of our company’s “selling points” to not only be well-versed in many of the latest techniques, methods, and construction practices that are geared towards effectively extending a room or constructing an addition to the property but also maintain a level of adaptability and flexibility throughout. This flexibility and/or adaptability is readily apparent in a variety of ways; from our punctual service times that work around the clients’ schedule to the adaptable solutions we apply when presented with one of the many obstacles that are somewhat inevitable during any construction projects.





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Property Additions -

Adding to a property, be it supplementing the appeal of the exterior by [re]constructing the patio/porch, or finally getting around to building that guest house that your significant other has been doggedly hounding you for years about can be an exciting, yet daunting, endeavor for many homeowners here in Texas. Whether it’s tracking down and locating the proper materials and then transporting said materials to the property for *processing, rendering a viable plan set prior to construction, or applying for the necessary permitting for the property addition; the many variables can often prove inherently discouraging for many homeowners and local Texas residents. In answer to that, we here at Whitaker Home Improvement, Inc are proud to offer our decades of construction experience and familiarity with many of the local suppliers to provide you, the client, with the proper construction coverage that your property addition project requires. Our teams of skillful contractors incorporate safe and proven construction practices using only choice, quality materials during our builds because we have a clear appreciation for the sanctity a home (and by extension, its additions!) offers.

Property Addition Services







Room Extension Services

Room Extensions -

While room extensions may seem more simplistic than constructing an addition to a residential property because of the general scale or magnitude that is typical with either, it is worth noting that the overall complexity and attention to detail that is required actually favors affecting construction endeavors that are oriented towards extending or expanding upon a current room. The reason being is because, during most room extensions or expansions, the party(person) responsible for performing the construction service is often tasked with contending with, or working around, the existing construction and layout of the home. With that in mind, we’ve made it one of our company-wide goals to reliably provide quality room extension services that are both consistent and affordable. Our seasoned construction experts take the guesswork out of the entire project (aside from any welcome design preferences or particular inclusions, of course!) and afford you the peace of mind in knowing your room extension project is in the hands of proven professionals. If you are interested in learning more or taking advantage of our complimentary construction consultations for residential room extension, please feel free to click here.



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