In the spirit of our approach towards all-inclusive property coverage for home improvement services, it is with great confidence that we offer our noteworthy expertise and experience to our fellow Texas residents in a variety of masonry-related capacities; chief among those masonry capacities being retaining walls, footing & foundation services (custom pours as well as building pad installation), load-bearing or structural walls, driveways & garage floors, concrete pillars & columns, as well as incorporating any *hardscaping elements into a particular masonry project. Depending on the size of the property, the overall goal of the masonry project, and the timeframes allotted for project-completion, we often encourage our current/prospective Texas clients to take full advantage of our masonry consultations. At the discretion of the customer, we offer our masonry consultation either on-site, via email & text message, or over the phone.

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Local Masonry Services Made Simple!

To better expedite your particular masonry projects’ inevitably-successful completion, we encourage you to continue reading below. For the convenience of our local Texas customers, we’ve comprised an overview of the various masonry services we offer as well the many masonry-related capacities we frequently fulfill. While our masonry coverage is definitely noteworthy in terms of versatility, efficacy, and efficiency, we do ask that you please note that if there is a particular masonry service that you are seeking and it is not listed below, we will do our honest best to accommodate your needs or at least point you and your masonry project in the proper direction.

Please Choose From Our Masonry Services

(If you require a particular masonry service that is not listed, feel free to reach out directly.)




Retaining Walls

Our in-house masonry experts here at Whitaker Home Improvements, Inc are highly skilled in installing and constructing retaining walls for residential properties here in Texas. We use only high-grade concrete during our pours for residential retaining walls.

Stone Pathways

For local homeowners in Texas who are searching for a reliable contractor with extensive masonry experience to install/build your home’s stone pathway(s), we invite you to learn more about our stone pathway services and overall masonry coverage.

Garage Walls

Whether your particular project involves a new build that features a private garage that needs its footing/foundation mapped and poured or if it entails an expansion on an existing garage wall’s foundation and structural support, you can rest assured that recruiting Whitaker Home Improvements, Inc to assist with your endeavor is always a safe investment.

Stone/Concrete Staircases

Staircases, by and large, come in a variety of designs, layouts, and expressions; not to mention the diversity of materials that comprise their construction. For instance, many of our local homeowners here in Texas seek out our expertise when they are in search of a reliable company to design, construct, and install their concrete/stone staircases.

Garden Accents

One key element to having a garden or landscaping layout that stands out in terms of allure and curb appeal is to incorporate stone and concrete accents, such as raised garden beds or hardscaping features, in and around your allotted gardening space.

Stone Fountains

Another option to consider when affecting home improvement services to your home here in Texas is to consider adding a customized stone fountain as a choice element to your property’s featured landscaping and exterior expressions.


Factoring the slope (or grade) of your property’s “approach”, the inherent terrain features and landscaping layout, as well as the overall size of the driveway is absolutely crucial towards customizing or installing a [new] driveway to your Texas home.

Doorway Arches

There are very few things that can add an exceptional allure and notable aspect to a property’s appeal than upgrading the various doorways and thresholds to feature custom stonework and masonry in the arches of the doorways.

Stucco Rooftops

Factoring the slope (or grade) of your property’s “approach”, the inherent terrain features and landscaping layout, as well as the overall size of the driveway is absolutely crucial towards customizing or installing a [new] driveway to your Texas home.


Interior stone/brick chimneys that feature a fireplace or exterior brick/stone chimneys that support an outdoor kitchen notwithstanding; our company, Whitaker Home Improvement Services, Inc, can design, build, construct, or install it all!

Engraved Cornerstones

Often prized for their undeniable appeal and allure that they add to any Texas property’s exterior, engraved cornerstones are rendered in a wealth of sizes, dimensions, displays, and implementations.

Stone/Concrete Statues

While a vast majority of the stone or concrete statues that are typically displayed amongst our local Texas residential properties are mass-produced and manufactured in bulk, that does not necessarily diminish their aura of refinement and aesthetic value. Conversely, many homeowners actually commissioned our masonry and stone statue expertise to create custom statues and casts.

Patio/Porch Enclosures

For Texas property owners who are endeavoring to upgrade their home’s curb appeal, privacy, and overall safety, it is worth learning more about the various porch/patio enclosures that our in-house masonry professionals are skilled in designing and constructing.


While fireplaces of old were typically used in the past a source for warmth and sustenance, the fireplaces we enjoy present-day are often used for just that: enjoyment. Granted, many eco-friendly/conscious homeowners here in Texas do indeed use their fireplaces that we install/construct as a reliable method of heating their homes or cooking their food.


The inclusion of stone benches or concrete benches into your property’s exterior layout and design elements serves much more than provide rudimentary seating for tenants and visitors; they also add an unquestionable allure to it as well.


Stone and/or concrete columns, in all their various expressions, material compositions, and design options, are an irrefutable method of upgrading your home’s interior and exterior elements in a way that’s showcased for years to come.

Stone Signs

Whether you are seeking a completely customized stone sign to advertise your namesake on your property or are seeking a stone sign for your business/storefront, you can rely on our extensive knowledge and masterful stoneworking skills to ensure your stone sign is designed appealingly and with longevity in mind.