Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how our company, Whitaker Home Improvements, Inc, is raising the cailber for quality home improvement services here in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. We were established on the premise that reliable construction coverage and home improvement services should not only be widespread and locally available but they should also be locally affordable as well without sacrificing standards in quality. As such, our company has made tremendous strides regarding our goal of being a local fixture in the Texas home improvement industry through our service-versatility and our emphasis on a very "client-specific" approach towards providing our coverage. To better understand what our home improvement service typically entail, please continue browsing our website and various services pages. For your convenience, we've provided information pertaining to our various home improvement services, such as our remodeling coverage and masonry-related capacities, to name a few. For additional clarification, consultation requests, or to schedule a specific home improvement service, please click here.

Renovations | Remodeling | Upgrades

Our kitchen and bathroom experts are well-versed in a wealth of remodeling services and renovation techniques that ensure the end result of your particular bathroom/kitchen project is peerless in terms of aesthetics, quality, and durability.

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Additions | Conversions | (Re)Designs

Supplementing your property's current layout with an expansion to an existing room an addition of a new room/property addition is without a doubt, one of the best ways to add substantial value (financially & aesthetically) to your home.

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Concrete | Stonework | Foundations

Ranging from concrete work that focuses on foundations and footing to stonework that is geared towards adding allure, our masonry work is often coveted for its diversity and abundance in application.

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Hardwood | Tile | Concrete

For local Texas homeowners who have a flooring system that lacks luster or is seen as sheenless, we invite you to learn more about our vaunted (re)finishing services we offer for various flooring systems.

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The Dream Home Of Tomorrow
Is Realized Through The Groundwork Of Today

If the saying is as follows and applies to your particular property: "Home is where the heart is." then it's fair to assume that you would love your home.

From the overall layout of the interior that highlights ones' chosen decor and decorum preferences to the spatial allottment granted to amenities and living quaters; a homeowner's heart should sing when they proudly to call their home their own.

Having said that, we actually specialize in (re)creating and revamping local Texas homes and residential properties in ways that our customers are left with nothing but a sense of fulfillment and contentment regarding their heartfelt homestead.

Continue perusing our website to learn more about not only our home improvement services in general but how we are but how our services can improve more than just layout or aesthetics of your properrty.

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