Room Extensions, Home Additions, Residential Remodeling

Whitaker Home Improvements Inc. also does room extensions. When your home becomes too cramped for a growing family or an evolving lifestyle, we can give you more space while preserving the integrity of your home’s architecture. This is a cost effective alternative to complete additions and fits your needs well when you need less involved changes to a room.

Room extensions are accomplished by removing interior walls, moving out exterior walls, raising the ceiling or remodeling existing hardware to create more space. Installing new windows, rearranging furniture and hardware, and adding new ventilation can bring more light and warm to the room while making more room. Whitaker Home Improvements can also combine two rooms into one by removing a partition in the kitchen to open up space into the dining room or make two small bedrooms into one larger one. The best part of our room extension services is they are fully customized, so the possibilities are endless and can meet exactly what you need. Let us help you create your dream home in Salisbury, MD or Lancaster, TX. Call today!

We carry popular brands such as Moen, Norcraft, and Wolf Cabinets. All employees go through a background check and we are licensed and ensured. We offer you a free initial design consultation.
Our team specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling.